Cadet processor thru input

What is the Cadet processor thru input meant for ?

It is basically so you can mix two different signals at the “In” and “Thru” jacks together.

The “In” jack on the Cadet Processor takes your signal through both the bias and attenuverter controls.

The “Thru” jack is then mixed at unity gain, i.e. no attenuversion or bias applied, with the result of the “In” signal post-attenuverter / bias adjustment.

If you patch a signal into the “Thru” jack but nothing into the “In” and monitor the “Out” jack, you will see the exact same signal that is plugged into the “Thru”, provided the Bias pot is centered at noon.

As extra context, the Pre/Post switch just changes whether the Bias pot is placed before or after the attenuverter pot in the signal path.

Does that help?


Helps a lot thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Processor is like one channel of a Passage, right? Or Proc in the Gen3 line-up (though that is missing the pre/post switch)? I don’t have that Cadet module, but that is always what I have assumed.

If so, there are a lot of videos showing one or both of those in use.


Yes, same functionality as one channel of Passage.

The deep-dive video about Proc, that’s the subject of this other thread, could prove helpful @gosseyn.

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