How many modules makes a Vidiot?

Hi. Can someone list which modules would be needed to fully replicate the Vidiot? Bonus points for Cadets. (No Visual Cortex or Chromagnon I’m looking for the individual breakout modules.)

Video input
Luma processor (brightness, contrast, “detail,” with cv control over each
Luma negative with key
Solarize and negative with key
Colorizer with rgb cv and key
Vertical oscillator with 3 waveforms
Horizontal oscillator with 3 waveforms

Anything else…?


Cadet VIII processor

Cadet X multiplier

Doesn’t really exist as a Cadet module (but might be moddable from an existing one?). The thing that does this in the existing product line is Curtain, which can do a lot more as well.

These are triangle core oscillators, so 2x Cadet IX. The Cadet IX board has a pad for the 5V square wave signal, for the sine you need to do a little bit fancier waveshaping. For the circle and diamond outputs you also need Cadet VI faders combining the horizontal and vertical triangle and parabola waves, where the shape knob is the fader CV control, as well as a max/analog OR circuit for the cross output.

Also needed:
Cadet I sync generator
Cadet II RGB encoder
Cadet III camera input
A number of Cadet VIII hard keys routed in ways I do not fully understand

The additional luma processor RCA output is also nice, this would need an additional encoder of some kind, and you would need some mults for the 1V RGB and luma outputs.

Then there is the envelope follower which also has no direct analogue in Cadet modules, neither does the noise source. I don’t believe there’s really a mixer involved (aside from the faders)?

You also have all the offsets and pos/neg switches.

So I would say pretty much a complete Cadet system plus some other stuff. Certainly pretty much all the Cadets make nice companions to the Vidiot.


Great answer! Thanks. I also don’t understand how the Vidiot keys are routed lol. Or how some of the switches and offsets could be replicated.

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been wanting to know the same thing! Perfect… tanks!