Buy and sell modules in Australia?

Looking to offload a few modules within Australia and not seeing anyone else doing so, any idea where would be a good place to advertise I am selling in Australia?

1 x Memory Palace and more

Aussie Wigglers on Discord and FB
Oz & NZ Video Synthesists on FB

I might be curious about what you have :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thanks a lot for the answers.

If someone is in Perth I would be far more willing to sell some soon,otherwise interstate postage can be arranged.

I mainly want to keep my Visual Cortex and maybe one or two others, so I have the Memory Palace, TBC2, another Visual Cortex, Sensory Translator and a few others.

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+1 for Aussie Wigglers

Also if you are in Perth, try FB groups Perth Wigglers, WAMod, Noizemaschin! and the NonLinearCircuits DIY group.

You can also drop into one of the WAMod monthly workshops, at Artifactory in Osborne Park. I haven’t been for a little while, but other than being a really cheap way to pick up NLC modules, it’s a great place to socialise with modular enthusiasts, and I’ve bought 2nd hand modules from people there in the past, so I’m sure if you took a bunch in a case, you’d get some interest.

I’m very interested in a TBC2, but probably don’t have spare cash for a little while.


These look very helpful.

The more time that passes the less I need to sell anything but still might offload at least one or two modules.

Thanks for the info!