Budget Video Mixer

Thanks in advance for any suggestions …

I’m looking for a budget video mixer, and thought the Panasonic MX-50 might be a good place to start. Problem is, the only MX-50 mixers I can find online are listed for ‘parts’.

Any ideas on where I could find a used MX-50 mixer ? or something equivalent?

I’m a n00b, so want to buy good quality but don’t want to spend crazy either.



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Hi Jay,

I’d be happy to suggest some solutions, or at least point you to some related discussions on the knowledgebase. What sort of capabilities are you looking for out of your mixer? What are your current system specifications and capabilities? Just need to figure out the signal chain and all that good stuff.


Thanks for the speedy reply.

Complete n00b to video.

I currently have the vidiot, and looking to build up a bit at a time.
Saw a post on LZX Facebook where someone was using the vidiot and a mx50 mixer.
Looked interesting, so I thought it might to be fun to add a mixer.
Also looking at maybe getting a Staircase.

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the mx50 was the top of the line. If you can get one for cheap, go for it.
but there are other mixers to consider too.

here is a good overview of some:

Personally I get very cool results from mx10 mixers (buy them for 5 to 50 euro). the effects are funky and the keying is cool. also; machine feedback!

The mx30 has some nice features too.

if you want something more modern, look for the Edirol options


Videonics MX1 does a decent job and is relatively affordable. Four inputs, preview out, tons of transitions, chroma keying, freeze frame…
I will say it’s a bit lofi, which works with my aesthetic. You said ‘budget’, right? :smile:


Hi, I love the MX50 and they have definitely become hard to find in the last couple years. (A sign of the growth of our hobby, I would say!).

If you want a mixer to use with the Vidiot, you really can’t do better than the Edirol V4. They are half the price they used to be (you can get them for $300-400) and having separate STROBE effects on the A and B busses is a great tool for playing with the Vidiot. I really recommend you start there.

The other Panasonic mixers are awesome for feedback. The Videonics mixers are very cool for how plasticy they look (they are NOT toys! I was shocked to discover this).

Good luck!


Hi there, I have several Panasonic MX-50’s for sale here: https://offerup.co/pgrc0J3RwT


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Hello. I already own an mx-1 for internal feedback and i love the effects but it’s kinda limited in terms of live performance.
I want to expand with another mixer and I have two options in sight. Option A is numark avm02 which seems designed for live VJing. Option 2 is panasonic mx-30, also very tempting.
The techniques I’m planning to use are optical feedback, chroma or luma keying, internal feedback, vidiffektor.
The avm02 has individual previews for all 4 inputs, may provide lots of feedback fun? But what stops me is the higher price and I haven’t read/seen much about it.
Any thoughts?

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mx-30 doesnt have chroma key, only luma. check out the edirol v4

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The Sima (SFXm, SFX9) mixers are really cheap, have luma & chroma keying, and TBCs. The Panasonic WJ-AVE mixers are also a good deal.