Best way to get Cadet output in to a computer as a video input?

Hey folks. I do a lot of stuff with VDMX and madmapper, and I’m just dipping my toes in to video modular. I’d like to create the videos with the modular and then have those show up as a video input that I could manipulate and map on my computer. What is the best way to do something like that when using a macbook pro? Is there some sort of adapter that can go from the modular to a USB that I could plug in to the computer and it would show up like how a webcam does? Thank you!

If you have the RGB compositer module you can run that into any USB video capture device with composite input. Lot of folks here can recommend more high quality solutions if that’s your need, but that is the cheapest and most basic way to do it.

Awesome. Thank you. Yeah, I don’t need anything fancy like blackmagic or something…What I love about the modular is that even the lower res can get morrored, etc, within madmapper to fill our three 1080p projectors! (at least that’s the idea!)