Audio kHz frequency > color (harmonic)?

hi. is it possible to multiply audio kHz frequency up until one can see its harmonic color equivelent?
a bit like
the color space that is worked in drastically effects results, i believe?
but in an LZX system (Expedition?)
already possible? impossible? product idea?


That article was a great read!

There are lots of ways to visualize audio as color. The most direct way to do what you’re describing is with Sensory Translator + Color Chords (or two.) This would allow you to split an audio source into 5 frequency ranges, and then dial in a specific color for each range’s envelope output. This type of effect is also called a Color Organ.


great info, and on the color organ thank you.
i saw a thing once, it was a record player but somehow it output video, from a regular audio record. or something like that. we’re talking second hand in mid 80’s.
i’m not talking about laser disk or VHD or CED. this was a more abstract thing, much lower tech.
any ideas what it could be?
reminds me, about 15 years ago there was a little program online where you could scan in your 7"s and play them, even scratch with them… but i digress…

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Perhaps you are thinking of the Atari Video Music?

I’ve seen an artwork at DEAF festival once, where BW video was recorded on vinyl. it was playing live. very grainy and full with artifacts. very cool!
But that was about 7 years ago. maybe he used old tech? idk

back to the original point, i mean for instance taking a 528 kHz sinewave and continuously doubling it up until it reaches video frequency and seeing what colour/s it directly corresponds to? there is a lot of info on this very subject out there

There’s someone manufacturing records with video information on them and special decoders to this day.