Anyone had any luck with 2 x BMIS USB with a PC?

I (one of the lucky ones) have (so far) had great experience with the BMIS, both Thunderbolt and recently USB version (USB worked on PC and Mac)

The question is: has anyone used two USB ones together? If so, did you use them for 1 x Input and 1 x Output? What about 2 x Output?

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I’ve used two together, for Input/Output or dual output. They were the Thunderbolt 2 version, on my Thinkpad P71 laptop via Thunderbolt 2/3 adapters from Startech.


I didn’t realise you could use thunderbolt with a PC! Will get some adapters and have a go, thank @creatorlars


I’ve used 2x USB3 Intensity Shuttle for simultaneous input and output from a 2017 MacBook Pro and an i7 PC, works fine.

I’ve also tried 2x output and that works also, but I did have some issues making sure the different Resolume outputs ended up on the right Shuttles after a sleep/reboot (though this was a while ago, might be fixed by a newer version of Resolume.)