Animating for Memory Palace with Adobe Illustrator

Hello All,

I created a special demo for you all showing how you can use the blend function in Adobe Illustrator to create simple animation frames for loading into Memory Palace. I hope this can be of use to some of you. This is just the basic process I use, but it can clearly be used in much more complex ways to create dynamic blend, morph and translation effects. Enjoy!

NOTE: The number of artboards in this demo is 21, and it seems that the Illustrator workspace WILL limit the number of artboards to around 21 if arranged in a row as shown (depending on spacing between boards). There can be more if arranged in a column or grid, but you may have to splice multiple blends together between each row of artboards.


Amazing! Thank you for making/sharing this tutorial.

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This is great, when time and money allows Ill will grab another mp, so cool!

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@sixtoobeats I’m thinking the same thing. I remember a time thinking x2 Memory Palaces was extreme, but I’m seeing more setups incorporating 2 units, and now its starting to feel very necessary! Haha

@Z0NK0UT I’m glad it is useful to you guys! Shoot me a link if you make anything cool with it!

@etwyford : Can we get this re upped? I wanted to revisit this but is is gone.

@sixtoobeats Yes, I was just trying to update the link. I took mine down, but LZX is hosting it on their Youtube. Link here.

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