All About Sensory Translator

The Sensory Translator is a five-channel envelope follower module. Since each of the module’s channels is essentially a band passed frequency band, the resulting control voltage evolves from the volume of each band. The module features five audio inputs with dedicated gain knobs and a switch that alternates between line-level and modular level signals. Additionally, the Sensory Translator features dedicated outputs for each bandpass filter and dedicated switches over each channel to select the overall slew character of the envelope follower.
Listen to the room! The Sensory Translator comes equipped with an omnidirectional microphone that can hear more than you can.

Specifications and Features

  • Omnidirectional electret microphone mounted on front panel
  • Three preamp gain settings
  • External audio input selectable between line and modular level voltages
  • 2-input mixer including EQ with Bass and Treble levels
  • Five 4-Pole precision bandpass filters
  • Each bandpass filter has a 2-Octave bandwidth
  • Five envelope followers with three decay speed settings
  • Dedicated LED indicators for each channel
  • Selectable Impulse mode for Beat-to-Trigger detection
  • 16 HP


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