wondering if there is a way/use to interface/sync MPC SMPTE with Expedition?

PS out of interest, is there a user reference card out there for Bridge or u.r.c./manual for Passage?

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thanks. i did find these but i think bridge is corrupted? i guess passage doesn’t really need one.
mapper too & shapechanger owners manual.pdf perhaps?

SMPTE - no use I assume?
I wonder why they included that feature. i was hoping i could sync the drum machine to lzx or timecode somehow by SMPTE. Edirol mixer has Midi tho so maybe i can go that way. just interested about the possibility. a lot to learn from scratch. thx

It could be fun to experiment with SMPTE if you wanted to play a long chunk of existing footage into the system from something like a computer, Andor-1, or Edirol P-10. Replace the audio track with SMPTE code, and the MPC should follow along perfectly…


If you want to use the original audio from the footage, then move it over to the MPC before replacing it with SMPTE - then just play it back like any other sample.

You could also send MIDI commands to your Edirol mixer from the MPC- then everything would be in sync, and you could automate some eye-poppingly tight rhythmic edits…