3trinsRGB to LZX

I’m thinking of building the 3trins to LZX adapter. I’m wondering what other people who have built this are doing as far as connectivity and/or enclosure?

Just seems sort of inconvenient to hardwire the two together if one does’t build a new, single panel/enclosure. But that, honestly, feels like perhaps more work than necessary. So I’m actually thinking of doing a cable of some sort, that I could detach when not in use, mounting a connector to the 3trins board.

Anyway, any thoughts/advice/photos would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I built mine into a eurorack module. I used cat5 cable to connect and jankily soldered the connector on to my 3trins.

I noticed that the signal comes out pretty hot on the euro side. I think I need to add some resistors to tame it a bit. As I recall there were some empty resistor spaces on the adapter board. In the interim I’ve been using cables with attenuators in them.

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