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3TrinsRGB-1c output expander

This expander gives you two extra video outputs (1x composite and 1x s-video) and the RGB VCO outputs in LZX format. You need to sync the 3TrinsRGB to your LZX video synth to use these RGB outputs.
The pcb is powered by the 3trinsRGB via the 8pin connector that connects to the sub-board, the frontpanel has openings (both left and right side) to allow the flatcable to exit your eurorack case.
The sub-board can be manually wired to the 3TrinsRGB or connected via the rightangled pinheader.

This expander requires some soldering on the 3TrinsRGB pcb, so it is not a plug and play project!

1x S-Video (miniDIN 4 pin) output
1x Composite (RCA) output
3x VCO channel outputs (Red, Green and Blue VCO channels of the 3TrinsRGB)
1x 8 pin header (2×4 pin IDC) to sub-board that connects to the 3TrinsRGB via flatcable
This module is powered by the 3TrinsRGB
(but could be powered externally, pads are available on the pcb)

Gijs Gieskes for this excellent 3TrinsRGB video synth
LZX for the RGB output schematic

More info, Sync information and BOM:

Pcb set: 35,- euro
Full kit: 90,- euro
Prepared module: 125,- (some DIY skills are required to attach the expander to your 3trinsRGB)

Shipping is 15,- euro tracked worldwide

Please reply with your preference (kit or pcb set) so that I can make a list and order all parts.


…i’d be interested in a ‘prepared module’…

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fairplay: 1x prepared module - payed
robin: 1x kit shipped
leon: 1x kit shipped
robbertunist: 1x pcb set - PMed
blabberbytes: 1x kit - PMed
mjlong: 1x kit -PMed

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This is great news Martijn & congrats on bringing the development phase to an end :clap:
I’m in for a PCB set @reverselandfill :slight_smile:
I don’t have a 3trins but a friend does & likes the idea of linking up to LZX modules.
I’ll ask around & see if anyone else in Berlin wants to do a group order.

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the kits & module are ready, I’ll message the people on the list

1 x full kit please, Thanks!

20 characters of 1 full kit please!

the BOM is updated with part types & some fixes
The build guide will be added soon (working on it now)

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note: if you have the newest 3trinsRGB, the Chroma and Luma pads are missing and there are dedicated LZX pads on the pcb, so it is more difficult to use this module with that version.