[WIP] 2-to-1 RGB Luma Switcher, now known as Shutter

i’d be down for that too! :slight_smile:

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looked at it better: looks nice. I’ll order a few to test this!


Just dropped $200 on JLC boards. This project is merely 3 out of 26 different boards in the order.


ha, all video projects? :scream:


I know this feeling… when all the bundles of boards (and the ‘gift’ - different every time!) arrive in those boxes it’s so exhilarating! :smiley:

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Ideally the gift is a keychain cat with bossy eyebrows which seems to happen regularly.

the green roll of electrical tape is pretty cool too. . as some of you will see soon… hint

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Actually, yes. Its not 26 different projects though since half of the order is faceplates.

My last order that was this big came in two boxes taped together. :rofl:

Haven’t seen that one yet! I just hope I don’t get a t-shirt. :weary: One of my colleagues was sent a shirt and customs held up the box for over three weeks.



Yes! Im at least 20 characters in!

Boards are being picked up by DHL!


Everything finally showed up but my dog got skunked so I won’t be soldering today…


Looks good :+1:t3:
Regarding your dog, I hope there’s some relatively easy fix regarding them getting skunked but I can imagine it including lots of water, rinsing and slowly drying :ok_man:t2:

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these look great. While I do want one I think I’m still going to put together a passive 2:1 RGB switch too

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Still waiting on a few more parts. Can’t wait till I can actually test them. :smiley:
I am also still open to any and all suggestions. I don’t see much needing to change atm, but I would like to add a cutout to the top board so the power ribbon is easier to access. There’s plenty of clearance, but it is a tad inconvenient like this.

A real pain! She thinks everything is a new friend.
We spent the whole night bathing and I can tell we’ll be doing it again very soon…

Do you mean with a throw switch?


This would be good to see as well. You could just use a 3PDT switch and 9 jacks crammed behind a panel and you’re done!


Or use a right angled shrouded or unshrouded power header.

Great to see the photos of your quick progress. I’d guess you’re waiting on some LM6172s, I’ve been there a long time until very recently.
I was always wondering if these type of caps (forgotten the name) would work the same as the MLCC 0.1uF Z5U caps found in the various LZX BOMs.
Interesting to see the power cable getting remodeled. I thought there was going to be really long header pins here, what’s often used on Raspberry Pi units if I’m not mistaken.

Friendly looking dog :grinning: but early November isn’t exactly ideal “dry outside in the sun” temperatures. Then again, I’m assuming you’re closer to the Canadian border rather than the Mexican border or Caribbean coast.

Always a possibility. I would hate to make them too deep, although 1.95" (49.53mm) is probably acceptable for most systems.

That and a few odd resistor values. The other modules I haven’t mentioned yet use some strange values, but this one uses typical 499R, 1K, 100K (and a single 125R).

I prefer these for several reasons. Cost is acceptable, lead spacing is consistent and convenient, plus they rest flat. I also have no qualms with routing a few traces underneath them. As far as performance, there wouldn’t be any difference as decoupling caps. I also like these if I need a cap in an audio- or cv-path.

Northern Michigan. Yesterday wasn’t bad, but each morning has been around 25*F so she stayed indoors.

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I wasn’t thinking out that potential issue :ok_man:t2:

Cheers for the link :+1:t3:
Film caps. Because they’re 5mm, does it make sense to put a third hole in the PCB for each of the Tapping caps that is linked/joined by the same trace? That way the footprint would be dual compatible for the smaller MLCC caps with a 2.5mm spacing & these bigger 5mm spacing film caps.

We see a similar setup with the dual solder points (nonsense term surely) and traces for the switches on the #Cadet range, #Castle too I think.

That sounds really cold! Is that cooler than average for late October & early November? Being surrounded by 2 or 3 of the Great Lakes must make for some interesting micro climatic conditions. I never thought of such an area as costal but it makes sense. Reminds me of Chicago to the west, the Windy City on one of the other lakes.