What are your backgrounds?

By day, I’m the Museum and Theater Technical Director of the Hammer Museum at UCLA. By night, I’m a longtime media collage artist learning analog video synthesis from all you folks- I really love and appreciate the talent and generosity of this community!

I first dipped my toes into analog video synthesis a couple years ago building a 3Trins by Gijs Gieskes
and a CHA/V Jonas Bers. This led to watching and reading as much as I could until I finally caved in and put in a pre-order for a Chromagnon last April, thinking I’d have my hands on one by June :slight_smile: ! The extended waiting led to buying some modules that were available one by one, until I had cobbled together a proxy neanderthal by necessity.

One thing that has kept my spirits up despite the infinite loop of THOSE dreadful feelings all year long was learning to build and play with this small but mighty av synth with modules from LZX, BrownShoesOnly & Reverselandfill with a s/o to Chris Johnson
for the Cadet builds!

This clip is my attempt to visualize that undulating equilibrium of the joy of learning from this incredible community and the horror and grief of the pandemic this past year.

Gotta keep those sinking feelings afloat as I can attest to the therapeutic positive FX these video drugs have had on me personally- it really goes beyond any words that I can tap away at here on this site! Thanks again and plz enjoy the vibes of this loop!

Eye Dropz- Relaxersize your eyes.

(excuse my cross-post to facething, just wanted to share with and thank as many of you as possible <3)


i picked up a visual cortex after going back to school & getting too big of a student loan :sweat_smile:

it wasnt very much fun to play at the time because i had to use the rest of my 6U just to attenuate and boost to get a single audio osc on screen. i took it out & decided to build a video rack some day

that was about four years ago, and a couple of months ago , i decided to use part of my stimulus for that video rack, and ive been trying to get an electronic video studio put together & learn how to play the tv better

ive just been a janitor since i finished my BA, but im hoping to go to grad school & study counseling , & hopefully a little about art/music therapy


I used to work and eventually run a relatively high end A/V studio in my high school when I was growing up and I would spend a lot of time playing with outdated nonlinear editing bays and making cool visuals from movie clips. We also used to have a top-notch switching bay where I could make could patterns and “patches” so to speak. I stopped doing a lot of that stuff after graduation, but when I heard about LZX a few years ago, I became immediately interested in learning more and the rest is history lmao :sunglasses::rainbow::tv:


I’m an academic art historian at a university and used to work at a national museum as a curator. I don’t write about or curate video art at all, and it’s just a nice escape where I try to avoid thinking too much about theory or context and just have fun with. I guess I’m a Sunday video painter. I have a visionary system with DIY modules and not much Orion, and will probably stick with that for a while, as I learned tounchdesigner for anything more aesthetically ‘digital’. I got a visual cortex years ago to make visuals for my band and then went down the wormhole like lots of us!