Has video synthesis spilled into the rest of your life?

Audio synthesis sent me down a million tangential rabbit holes that became really important to who I am, and video synthesis is proving to go even deeper. What has getting into video brought into the rest of your life? Are you seeing interesting patterns in daily life, like 337is with their #nosynthpatterngeneration series? I dropped enough of my hangups to start dancing after getting into video. Getting to play video synthesizer for multi-band bills and with bands I really love broke my brain just right to get me into shakin my butt all the damn time. Anyway tell me how video synths have made your life better beyond drawing angry plaid!


Only just learning about it slowly now.
But the biggest thing for me is being able to do artwork for bands live and maybe being good enough to do a video art exhibition. I have always wanted to be a visual artist and this seems a great segway into it :slight_smile:


Aw Bubba, I love being a complimentary ramp to you in consensual reality! Anytime we mix beautiful shapes come out! :smile:


yooo, this is a way of life. far beyond a hobby. relentless in terms of live work, installations, av production, freelance art projections. always on the move for the next challenge…


it’s totally determined the trajectory of my life. stumbling upon camera/monitor feedback loops 11 years ago sent me on a mission to understand the mathematics underlying them and their connection to abiogenesis. fast forward to a couple years ago, i was in the 3rd year of my phd studying mathematical evolutionary ecology when my department awarded me with a bunch of cash for my research. i spent it all on lzx equipment. been spending my summers running around the pnw making interactive dance installations at raves, projecting audio reactive feedback for shows, plugging it into other video artists work and having fun integrating it with my audio synthesizer at home. for me, video synthesis has been the truth & the way & the light. im very thankful to have it in my life.


Living the dream! :smiley:

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Beyond the fun I had with my video equipment before I got into LZX, video synthesis is such a deep rabbit hole in itself that I’m always finding new stuff to learn about and apply to my work all the time. I think this extra layer of stuff to explore has helped me stay invested in video art even when other parts of my life get really busy.

My dedication to it has also brought me more recognition in my local art community. In February I was brought onto my local first friday organization as a tech guy for projections, and now I’m just in charge of projections altogether! On top of that, I get to do visuals for a dance party every first friday as well.

This is the year I started getting regularly paid for my video art and it just feels so dang good compared to where I was last year. I feel like LZX has helped me make so much personal progress as an artist. So excited to keep going. :slight_smile:


I totally love this topic, what a great suggestion! :heart:

For me, it not only changed my career trajectory, but more importantly helped me recognize the value that being present and improvising can bring to life. Like a slightly more expensive Tao Te Ching :sweat_smile:


I discovered video synth this year, i’m actually in the first year in medical studies, its very time taker and can make you very depressive. (i work 10h a day every day)
With video synth i have something to really take off and dont think about my lesson (drugs used to help me do this before)
I always love art music and thing like that, but i really like the live making art, and with some friend we making, what we called a sound system; group of people setting raves; my friend use audio synth to do live music and now i have this to do with them and making cool stuf in rave.
In a more scientific vison, i like video synht its give the occasion to make "music for the eyes"effectivily sound and image are electrical/chemical signal that travel into our brains, so i think with this tool we can explore a total new branch of human sensivity.

See you A


your story sounds familiar, I have been doing visuals at self organised parties and raves too. nowadays mostly in the noise scene, 15 years ago mostly in the tekno scene with diy soundsystems and freeparties. I still have a small wall of speakers left. video feedback & synthesis is hallucinogenic.

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