War of the Ants - sync input/output question (again)

So I disconnected my WoA, and completely forgot how it was connected before, the silk screen on the pcb its not clear which one is input/output both read “SyncI/O”, on the reference card (which a slighlightly different drawing) the input is the LEFT RCA,

so is left (pointing finger) or right the input?

I took this as either jack could work as an in or an out and if WAR is the last module in the chain to make sure to flip the terminate switch (meaning nothing in the output jack)

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Same here - I’ve used either jack as an input with the terminate switch on. Then turned the terminate switch off, and sent sync out to another module. I think everything worked fine!

Both jacks are connected to the same node, either can be input or output (patch them in the order that makes sense for your cable routing.) It is essentially the same as what you see on broadcast gear, with in/loopthru and terminate switch: