Videogame Controller THRU

Hey all,
I may design a few modules that have one controller input such as Genesis/Megadrive and NES/SNES. Maybe others. They will also have a buffered controller output and 3.5mm outputs for each button.

The purpose it so that you can plug in the video from a game console and set up each button to trigger different visual effects while playing.

Does that sound interesting or not?
I know that I’ll need to optoisolate the controller output for safety.
What about the 3.5mm outputs. Should they be active high, or active low? Should they be 5v or 1v?

8HP should do it. Up, Down, Left and Right. A, B, X, Y. Start select and both bumpers. will I go with two boards sandwiched together and connected on the back with a ribbon cable. Maybe it could even be built in just 4HP if all the user needed was a controller input and u,d,l,r,A,B outputs…?

I have many other boards to send to the fab right now, so this may take a little time.


The potential for alternative interfaces is one of the incredible things about modular synthesis. Neat idea! Reminds me of Special Stage System’s Control Core.

I think what you’ll find with trigger/gate outputs is that they have a less immediate use feeding the signal inputs of LZX modules. 1V DC = full screen white and 0V DC = full screen black so you’d just get asynchronous flashes putting triggers/gates in, whether they’re 5V or scaled to 1V. A reasonable compromise is to plan your circuit so you use jumpers to set a 5V or 1V mode as this would be pretty useful for audio eurorack, too.

You could patch the triggers/gates into LZX modules’ CV inputs and using the attenuverters would let you create a non-latching switch between two states for a parameter. If you could set the pulses to AND with H sync or V sync, you could avoid any blips that happen in the middle of a frame.

Where it’d really be interesting is using it to control some non-LZX gear like envelope generators, tap tempo LFOs, CV controlled switches, etc. for interactive animation and live patch rerouting.

Hope the design comes to fruition and has some LZX friendly modes built-in!


Ooh, I have not seen the Control Care before. Good inspiration.
Ah, you’re right about 1V being all white. I was considering it more of a companion to the castle series logic modules, or of course, other triggerable modules like envelopes, etc.
I like the idea of a 1-or-5V selector jumper.


Makes me think of the Delptronics WiiChuck module, which I’ve considered getting.

(Wonder if anyone has been using that with their LZX system?)


Cool ideas I’d live to see come to fruition.

And, as we’re gathering games control devices in euro, I’ll add this to the list:

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@Fox this sounds great! Maybe even support for controllers with analog sticks? There are tons of PS3 controllers out there collecting dust, and they have USB :slight_smile:

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