Video XCHNG (+ 1u tile add-ons)

Posted about this over on Scanlines, but not sure I’ve seen it over here yet.

Cat Full of Ghosts has a handy little passive video device, the Video XCHNG, on Kickstarter right now:

It’s basically a signal routing utility. So not super “exciting” perhaps, but certainly potentially useful.

And now @aladan (Visible Signals) has some modules (incl. several 1u tiles) available as add-ons too.


Here’s a pic of the XCHNG tiles. I have a bunch more coming in about a month, this is just a sneak preview :partying_face:

1IF (InterFace) is a signal level/termination converter, 1VR is a fixed/variable Voltage Reference, and 1LV (LeVel) is a manual attenuator/booster. All the VSig 1U tiles are designed for LZX video signal levels.


After playing some more with these (and some of the other ones not yet announced) I think I might change to the smaller style of pots/knobs like these ones from Thonk: 9mm Trimmer Pots – Thonk – DIY Synthesizer Kits & Components and Tall Trimmer Toppers – Thonk – DIY Synthesizer Kits & Components

1U sure is tight!

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Anyone built an Xchng with 3.5mm jacks instead of RCA? If so, how’d that go?