Two video inputs in a Cadet system

If I want 2 video inputs , how does that work with sync?

Currently I have 1x C1, C2 and C3

Can the C1 sync generator synchronize 2 separate video inputs?

To have two inputs in a system, you’ll need either to genlock them externally, through a framesync/tbc or if they are cameras that have genlock, through the genlock on the cameras. the upcoming orion tbc 2 could handle this situation very well.

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One of the external devices can be anything that puts out a continuous video stream (some VCRs evidently don’t?). This is your sync master. The rest of the external devices must have genlock capability.

In my setup it works like so:

Andor 1 Composite Out -> C3 #1 RCA input
C3 #1 RCA output -> C1 Sync input
Security Camera Composite Out -> C3 #2 RCA input
C1 RCA Out -> Security Camera Genlock In

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