TRIP [IV]@OCT.18th

hej boys and girls,

theres gonna be a nice nice show @18th OCTOBER/ Leipzig/Germany I want to share with you.
The Event is calles TRIP, this time the 4th time*****you certrainly will like the concept.
with love and devotion crew as well as artists as well as the place.

"TRIP is a new series of events following the idea of creating an audiovisual space.
Dependant on the specific location, an overall concept uniting both musical and artistic composition in one symbiosis will be presented. "

so come a around if youre near or tell your friends.

see you there!


Hello @pong :wave:t3:
I’ve just read your post about last year’s event, is there one happening this autumn? I hope so as Leipzig and Sachsen have handled the Covid-19 crisis really well, much better than most of Germany and including Berlin where I’m based.