Nov 16/17 Modena: Workshops, Performances, and Talks w/Phil Baljeu & Jonas Bers

Hey, Jonas Bers and I are travelling to Italy to do some talks, performances, and workshops. Jonas will be doing a CHA/V workshop, I’ll be doing an OGA workshop.
Here’s some info on them:

Main event:

CHA/V Workshop:

OGA Workshop:

If you’re close you should come hang out!


I’ll try to make it! It is a few hours drive, but it really sounds interesting!
And I’d love to meet you there :slight_smile:


The workshop was very nice and I had a good time meeting Jonas and Phil.
The room was full with people building video synths!
Good times :slight_smile:
In the evening there were fantastic performances.


Thanks @pbalj for the Song this thread and to @reverselandfill for posting the photos :+1:t3:
It looked like a really nice event. Hopefully there’ll be another in late 2021 but this year is surely a “no go” & for good reason. Thankfully recent news from Italy has been really good compared to earlier in the year but sadly this can’t be said of many of its neighbouring countries :pensive: