Thunderbolt Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle

I just stopped using Media Express. I was having similar problems, and though it was the Blackmagic Shuttle thunderbolt. It seems the issue was the ME after setting up capture through Premier Pro. I have way more control and the quality of capture seems better. Also I am not wasting a ton of time fighting with my system as to why it worked on day and not the next. ME is garbage, I would find another software for capture. I do all of this with a MacBook Pro.

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I really wish I could get my BMD device to work in Premiere, but I can never get a picture to display in the capture window even though it works fine for me in Media Express and I can even get Premiere to recognize the Shuttle as the primary audio device, but no dice for video. Any links or tips that I could try?

For OP: When I want to get my VC into Media Express, I have my VC plugged into my Shuttle via component, set my input settings in Black Magic Desktop Video Setup as component, 525i59.94, and then match those settings in the preferences tab in Media Express. It is VERY important that the settings match. Even a difference as small as 525p vs. 525i is enough to break the signal chain. The framrate can be either 29.97 or 59.94 but I prefer 59.94. Hope that helps somewhat.

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Thanks for the ME tip. I will be at my studio this weekend and will make sure to write down the settings for PP and get them to you.

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I have an intensity shuttle based on the recommendations. It’s been great for my NTSC capture but I tried going to HD with the Ambery HDV600A and could not get a signal. Blackmagic support said “The Intensity Shuttle only supports YUV colorspace signals, so perhaps the source signal is in RGB. There aren’t any other settings to adjust.” So what do you guys use to create YUV HD color space signals for capture on the intensity shuttle? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Has anyone used one of these with the UltraStudio HD MIni? The Black Magic site seems to indicate it will work to add monitoring to the UltraStudio HD Mini, but they list several different products on the same page, and it’s hard to tell.

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I just got an IS thunderbolt and am trying to get it setup for capture. I installed the software. My computer recognizes the IS. I have tried both component and s-video out of my VC but am unable to get any signal to show up on my computer or any of the outputs. Any suggestions? I am using an official Apple TB2 to TB3 adapter to hook up the IS to my newer gen MacBook Pro. Thank you.

Are you able to test any analog video source other than the VC?
There are a couple of apps for the IS, the capture software and the setup software. I usually need to change the input settings in the setup software first. I can confirm that this works with my 2018 Mac Mini and TB2 to TB3 Apple adapter.

Thanks for the reply. I was able to get the capture to work- I thought I’d be able to capture with quicktime because the IS would show up as a target to capture from. However, for reasons unknown it just shows black when I target it. I am using BM’s media express and am able to capture well. The last thing that isn’t working is using the HDMI output from the IS. I have tried both setting the IS to pass through the SD signal as well as convert it to HD but neither settings will produce any output from the HDMI out.

Regarding alternative capture software, I haven’t tried QT but I did use OBS to capture very long files and that works flawlessly if you need smaller, lossy files.
My understanding is that the IS is a one-way device. I don’t believe it’s able to upscale an input signal and output it at the same time. I’ve never tested it as a simple pass-through.
It also doesn’t show up as a standard video display device in the OS. I’ve only had it work as a video output on specific software like TouchDesigner and I think Resolume supports it only with the Arena (pro) package.

I use Adobe Premier for capture out of the BM. It works really well with the audio as well and you can deinterlace really easily as well.

What are you running the hdmi to? I have the hdmi running into a lcd monitor and a upscaler that goes to my projector and both work well.

I was attempting to run the hdmi out of the Intensity Shuttle to a Blackmagic Atem Mini Pro ISO. The atem is then running to an OLED tv. My hope was that I could livestream the output of my system with the Atem. Also the Atem can record to h264 which would enable me to record long patches without generating huge files.

It might be something weird with the mini pro. I have had issues with the small BM converters before. I was actually thinking about getting a mini pro. Now thinking about it. Make sure the BM Shuttle drivers are updated. On my MacBook Pro I had an issue with integration using Premier. I updated my MB but it still did not work. I found out you had to uninstall the old ones and then install the new version. Works perfectly now.