The new LZX lab-grade power supply

So, the new Vessels “will feature the new LZX designed and produced lab-grade power supply.” This sounds interesting! Will this PSU be available on its own, perhaps? I’d love an LZX PSU on a 19" panel, if it existed. Like a “Rack Vessel”, with power for modules and maybe also fans. Would something like that be possible? It could really those of us short on table space and DIY skills.



There is some talk of selling the power supply separately, but no official word yet. It all depends on whether scaled production is viable. There will be an official announcement, if it happens.


Ok, thanks. I hope its a great success!

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I definitely think there is a demand for this so hopefully they will be able to figure out an effective supply chain for manufacturing these and keeping a stock in the regular catalogue once some of the other active priority projects are released. I am certainly interested, especially as modules size and power needs are growing with the most recent Orion and Automata releases.


I’m pleased to see how the power issue is being addressed by Topogram and Chromagnon modules. Even if all new modules either run on a noisy PSU or can run entirely on a 12V DC feed, which would be wonderful, many older modules still require a clean PSU.

So I agree with you, there’s a demand.

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