Sync busboard design - for Cadet DIY systems



yeah , that is a good idea.
I’ll make a jumper for it, so that if you do not use this option, the stage is grounded.
(like in the schematic above )
Maybe I’ll add a “experimentation area”.

Question: Shall I leave out the resistors + capacitor, like in stage 1?
Maybe I can fit them, but if it is an experimental area, It might be useful not to have a predetermined use.


new stuff. 2nd c-sync bus for alternative connectors. / extra output.
When not used, there is an easy grounding option next to the LM6172. so a bypass = 2 jumpers
It all fits, so that is cool! The pcb has a less funky shape, oh well
And I’ve added one extra sync header. so there are nine in total!
Last check before I send it to China!


I don’t know anything that would be helpful here but thank you for doing this!


Ok, it is in production now.