Should I start out with Visual Cortex, Vidiot or the DIY Cadet modules?



Exciting! That sounds like a fun rig!


Sensory Translator vs. Diver: They are both tools that are great for audiovisualization, but are entirely different functionally.

Diver is more like a sampler/buffer that can transpose audio waveforms across the dimensions (horizontal and vertical) of the video image. Think of it like a 1D to 2D converter, or a video oscillator that can capture the waveform of an audio input. So this would be used to actually take the shape of an audio waveform and make it visually viewable, freezable, and 2-dimensional. In context of the whole system, that’s quite powerful because all the analog shape modules (Staircase, Navigator, etc) work as video rate waveshaping processors for horizontal and vertical waveforms, meaning Diver can feed audio into a patch in such a way that all your resulting pattern generation is based on the original audio itself. Say you were using this with a track, it would work best if sent something simple – like a bassline or the kick track, or whatever you want to add specific visual emphasis to.

Sensory Translator is an analog FFT decoder and envelope follower, essentially. This splits audio into 5 different frequency bands and then applies low frequency amplitude following to each. So the results could be patched to different destinations that will then animate in time with the presence of each frequency component. So this is good for sending in a full mix or track, and splitting it up so that you can have different frequencies effect parts of your video patch differently.

The two would play well together because you could use the envelope band outputs from Sensory Translator to do things like modulate the phase inputs on Diver. Audiovisualization works best in my opinion, when you are doing at least 2 different things that interact, so these two modules are a powerful combination.


@creatorlars I think you just sold me a Diver…



I think Lars just sold me (nearly) everything

I definitely want TBC2, Diver and Memory Palace

but those will have to be for next year!!!

as for this year (@creatorlars) if I order the modules I mentioned above from MidiAmsterdam tomorrow (Saturday) any vague idea when I can expect to see them? - & yes I’ve seen the production schedule thread!!!

modules were Visual Cortex, Prismatic Ray, Bridge, Color Chords, Staircase and Arch… seriously considering adding a Sensory Translator to the order too


@Agawell I’m not sure what MidiAmsterdam have in stock currently, but our production status updates are all here: LZX Production Status 2018, Updated August 8th

We expect to have restocked everything before the end of the year. Visual Cortex and Prismatic ray are some of the next ones up in September. The others should be available.


@creatorlars thanks

doesn’t look like they have any stock, everything is “will be ordered on request”

but that timescale looks good to me…


and they’re ordered!!!

the wait begins…


@creatorlars I was looking for the knowledge base article about what peripherals I need/might want now I have a visual cortex (on order) - iirc converters, cameras, black magic intensity shuttle etc

could you please re-share this or create a new one

found the links and added it here:

getting started with euro rack


Just circling back:

I ended up going with a visual cortex and am currently pacing by the mailbox; Will soon be following @creatorlars suggestion and expand with some cadet modules. Very excited to embark on this journey and be a part of such a welcoming community.