Public Programming at WUHO

Folks in L.A., I’m part of an event tomorrow in which some scrolling oscillations from a Vidiot play a [small] role. Using them both as part of the visuals and also in conjunction with a Mother 32 as part of the droning soundtrack in sections. If you’re around Hollywood, come check it out! …

Public Programming:
Los Angeles Is Endless Like a Scroll

Saturday, July 27
Doors at 8pm; screening 8:30–9pm
WUHO, 6518 Hollywood Blvd.

A kaleidoscopic meditation upon the city in motion, Los Angeles Is Endless Like a Scroll explores the infinite cities of L.A., from the incidental backdrop city found in early Hollywood productions, MTV-era music videos, and classic skateboarding tapes to the virtual city of social media and video sharing sites. Between the two, we capture multiple extant cities by passing through at multiple speeds—by car, by bike, on foot. A remixing of the 1951 radio play adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s “The Pedestrian” forms the sonic backbone for our travels.

Visuals recorded, collected, and mixed by the Spatial Awareness Network with Roundhouse Platform

Sound design by Sara Suarez

Public Programming is a summer-long experimental film series with monthly screenings featuring selections from contemporary practitioners and samples of film, radio, and literary material from the public domain — some reused, some reprogrammed.