Part for changing out a composite output on the Visual Cortex

Hey, i have a visual cortex used at the school i work on. Some random student tried using a 3,5 mm patch cable on the composite out and broke off the tip. I tried various extraction atempts, but have now realized that i need to change the RCA connector. I have built 30+ cadet and castle modules and feel confident that i can replace it without destroying anything :slight_smile:

But searching around at mouser i do not see any parts that looks like the ones used, can you provide a part number at mouser for me? I have an order at mouser coming up in a few days, and would like to include this part. Thank you!

Best. Lau!

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I (successfully!) replaced one of the RCA connectors on a War of the Ants that I own - and I want to wish you the best of luck! (What I assume is) lead-free solder is no joke! I am definitely not a DIY novice either, have desoldering specific tools, and I found it to be quite a 3D challenge. I gave up and removed a jack to have more room to work. The solder really wanted to stay put in the through-holes.

If I were to suggest anything, I think a little hot air will speed up things quite a bit (if you are comfortable with using it).

This stuff and good quality copper braid are your pals! :slight_smile:

Thatโ€™s certainly what I used for my repair.

I still found it harder to work with than good olโ€™ Leaded Kester 331.

Yeah, leaded solder is always much easier to work with. Part of it with those RCA jacks is that the whole jack shield acts like a big heat sink; next time try a big, chunky tip on your iron to increase its ability to take the thermal load. (Iโ€™m of course making assumptions here.) Lead free solder has a higher melting point, so the thermal load is also high due to that.

Thanks all. Hadnt thought about the non-leaded solder situation, guess i will get my electronics technician friend to help out here, im using his workshop anyway. :slight_smile: And thanks to Lars for the parts link!

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