Orion Series New Modules 2018: Memory Palace, TBC2, Escher Sketch and Diver



We’ve been waiting to reach some production/restock milestones before officially opening Orion Series preorders, and we are finally at a comfortable point there. First article units along with exhaustive details on specs/feature sets will debut at KnobCon 2018, September 7th-9th. This is a soft launch – no sales pitch, no special prizes (other than being first in queue) – the promotional push begins at KnobCon. If you have the ability and desire, your preorders will make a huge difference in helping us make the bulk components purchases we need to make in the next few weeks to ensure strong launches in October/November. While the HP sizes, pricing and core layout decisions are locked in at this stage, we still appreciate your questions or discussion about features and workflow on these new video synthesis tools (discussion always helps us understand how you are understanding!) This is an exciting announcement for me personally, as these concepts have been at the end of a development project list I wrote down nearly 10 years ago now and that we have been aiming at ever since. More info at https://www.lzxindustries.net/shop



I’m curious if memory palace will have a setting to mix between a wet signal to a dry signal?


Yes indeed… the alpha channel input and the internal keyer can both be routed this way.


Can any plastic stylus work with the Escher sketch (I assume a finger could work as well?) additionally curious what range of cv the xy outputs?


on the facebook page I remembered seeing this info for escher sketch

"36HP, 5.7 inch touchpanel

We’ve selected a touchpanel that is very high quality (Fujitsu) and is both pen and touch compatible."


I imagine the cv output would be LZX standard 1V.


Yes, any plastic stylus (spring loaded tip ideally) will work. The module will ship with one we’ve selected. Sensitivity control will adjust for lighter or heavier pressure ranges depending on how you draw. The threshold sets the minimum amount of pressure required to trigger the gate out

Yes we normalize all CV I/Os regardless of frequency range (video, clocks, audio, etc) to 0-1V DC scale. However in some cases we include switches for normal Euro ranges if the module is likely to be used by audio synth users as well. This is a case where we might include those on the rear, for 0-5V and +/-5V options.


Thank you, my plan was to draw images into a cv recorder and then split the output for audio modulation as well as xy for the Cyclops (drawn laser animations). For the sake of precision +/-5V would be ideal but I can work with what you guys give me!


Escher preordered and Rack designed!


Holy shit, that rig is going to be an amazing time.


Some new renders of the interfaces today as we polish all the little details while waiting for our RevA boards to arrive. We’re still unsure if we’ll be silkscreening icons onto the illuminated buttons or not at this stage – right now we’re just trying to get everything ready for flight.


What kind of sliders/faders are you using in the Orion series? I think you mentioned it somewhere but I cannot find it.


Lars, the ‘thing’ right bellow the wave label is a led strip or a wheel or any sort of touch thingy? wondering I will be able to select the wave if its just a led strip/bar


We’re using high quality sliders from ALPS, the same exact part as used in Visual Cortex. ALPS also makes the gray D-Shaft pots in use throughout Expedition series modules.


The bank select button will switch between preset ramp shapes vs live sampling mode using the LED bar as a selection interface.


Yay! ALPS is all i need to hear.


Quick TBC question – will the DVI input be capable of some sort of downscaling? There’s quite a lot of digital gear that does not output SD (mixers, cameras, etc), and it would be ace to not need external scalers for that sort of thing – but of course, I realise that this might be beyond the scope of the module


Yes, they definitely will be capable of downscaling. As for exact specs on input formats I don’t know yet, but up to 1080i at least. (And remember, this will also receive HDMI via included HDMI -> DVI adapter dongle.)


there was talk of a sync distribution type module that was possibly coming out around the same time as memory palace is this still potentially happening?
it sounds like vidiot production has been pretty intense


Yes we’re still planning a panel, but it may get de-prioritized since we got the overall power consumption for Memory Palace back down within our typical +/-10mA per HP budget (meaning it is coming, but it may come later since everyone should be spec’ing their LZX cases for that power budget anyway.) Everything’s intense right now!