[ORDER] 4x3 Matrix Mixer

Take note, because of the holiday season in Italy, the mail service is very slow.
Have patience. The packages will arrive.


@dan.orders and @337is : I have your orders ready. please contact me!

My kit showed up today and it’s an incredibly useful module, especially with the inverted input. Didn’t do the gain or switched amplitude expander yet but will share that here when it’s done.

Look forward to your next module, Martjin!

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the new matrix mixer pcb’s & panels are just in.
current stock = 23 sets (chaos mode engaged)

I have a question. Will this mix actual composite video signals, like a standalone video mixer? In other words, could this function as a eurorack substitute for something like a Roland Edirol V4 video mixer? Or does it do something else? (Apologies if this is a dumb question, I’m fairly new to video synth and completely new to eurorack.)

No, this is for mixing LZX patchable video (aka “1V”, since signals are between 0 and 1 volts) signals.

Various LZX modules (Visual Cortex, Vidiot, Cadet III) can extract luma from composite video as a 1V patchable signal, but color information is lost. Visual Cortex can decode separate R, G, and B channels from a component (Y/Pb/Pr) input. TBC2 and Chromagnon (and other Automata modules) will be able to decode composite video.

Visual Cortex’s compositor section and Marble Index are capable of a variety of video mixing / compositing functionality with 1V video signals, with video-rate voltage control. As a matrix mixer this module is a bit more like Color Chords – it sums individual signals together, rather than crossfading or wiping between multiple full-color sources as you might do with a video mixer. Matrix mixers have some interesting applications in video and audio synthesis, especially in feedback patches.


@csboling thanks for the detailed answer, I appreciate it.

xmoose eve build success!
thanks for a great module!!!

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first patch with the matrix mixer!
I was getting some weird artifacts every once and a while that I’m pretty sure was just cables but I’ll have to try it out some more and see if it shows back up

thank you for this wonderful project!

I can imagine how fun it would be to swap around the order of a passage, matrix mixer, mapper combo

EDIT: added a picture of the patch



A quick reminder to people building the matrix mixer:
if you don’t do the MODS, don’t forget to link/bridge the MOD points as described in the BOM.


Howdy! I would like 1 PCB&Panel set, Please.

I just got my PCB and panel in the mail yesterday, I’m really looking forward to assembling it this weekend!

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As a note:
This kit will be available in some shops soon. :star_struck:
I have pcb’s, panels and kits in stock too!


I just made a very cool feedback patch with the Matrix Mixer and my Monotropa feedback EQ module. I’ll try to capture it better soon (my cable was too short), so for now it is a screen capture.

Description : filtered video feedback loop with voltage control over the ‘whiteout’.
The movement is done with a MN Maths, into the Monotropa input


I’m working on a new version which has better MOD possibilities, in form of a large header and a Expander panel.
The GAIN options can be set with jumpers when the Expander is not used.
The GAIN settings for the INV channels might be updated too.

Another option is to add all these functions on the main panel. this would require it to become a stacked project with a main pcb and a pots pcb. , or a larger panel. Not sure yet what direction I will go with this.


Here is a glitch feedback patch with the Matrix Mixer and the Syntonie VU002 frequency doubler.


and some abstract camera feedback:


These are great stills. What’s your capture method?

The first one is 100% an illithid emerging from from the feedback.

I had to look that one up :slight_smile: nice!

I capture with a Canopus ADVC-100 (firewire) into Adobe Premiere
(forgot to de-interface the frames. but it still looks cool)

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Hi Martijn👋🏼
I’m really curious to hear how development on an updated or new version of your Matrix Mixer is coming along.