Nintendo switch drawing game

so I’m not sure this is the right category but I’ve been thinking about trying to use the switch as a capable drawing pad in combination with the LZX setup via recapture, extron box scaling or v440HD

the only app that looked right was one called coloring book (free with in game purchases) but as far as I read it just provided pre dawn coloring book pages with no “blank canvas” type option

I thought that was pretty lame but maybe it would be worth downloading it just to mess around with since it is free

so I did and it looks like there has been a whiteboard option added to the free version!

this isn’t a great photo for various reasons but still pretty fun none the less I’m looking forward to plugging it into a TV at some point

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also it is multiplayer… so there is that

only 1 “canvas” at a time unless you pay 1.99

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