Memory Palace Specs & Feature List


Is there a “hard reset” button combo for the MP for when it crashes? Or just best to turn the case power off and on again?

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Why or when is it crashing? Make sure your case has enough current and that there is ample airspace around the rear fan. The only crashes unrelated to power we’ve had so far have been related to the SD card interface.

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I think it’s happened twice now. Not sure what prompted the first one, but today’s was a patch with lots of feedback, and then (accidentally) hitting the A/B button…it crashed on a very feedback-y frame and I couldn’t get it out of that state. Added up the power and it should be okay, and I think there’s plenty of airspace.

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Cool, that does sound like an SD card interface related glitch (when you hit any button, there’s an SD card access and save state.) We should have some of that cleared up in the next release, but admittedly distracted by production and end of year accounting right now. Can’t wait to get back to Memory Palace.


Okay cool, good to know. Will keep you posted on any more crashes as they arise…

MemPal is so dang cool, thanks for your amazing work. Barely scratching the surface.

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@wednesdayayay One of the big sprints this year on Memory Palace will be to get some USB host drivers running for USB MIDI, USB HID (I want a trackball!), and potentially USB Video Class. So not yet, but it’s on the agenda. A lot of this stuff will be developed in tandem with TBC2 and future Orion Class III modules, as it’s one of the ways we’re able to fund development, is to treat it like a group project for the whole series.


A trackball would really tie the room together.


Are the DVI-D ports dual link or single link? I did not see this spec noted in the feature list, so just wanted to confirm. Thanks!

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Single link. Dual link is used by graphics cards that can use a splitter to send separate video feeds to two different monitors.

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Also, one more thing, is audio supported through these DVI-D ports? I guess this is more related to the dvi port in TBC2

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DVI doesn’t take audio, that’s just for HDMI. If you need audio, you can use one of those HDMI audio splitter thingies (haven’t tried this one, but there’s lots out there):


@creatorlars what about statut leds in the back panel, could you describe fonctionnality?


In my mind the straigh way to do it is using an arduino, mixing PS/2 and midi librairies… If I’ll get some time I’ll try to make something (I’m working now on a Nunchuck Wii controler to midi hiRes to drive MP) :slight_smile:


The status LEDs are for Power, FPGA Config (turns on once FPGA has booted up) and USB activity.


I feel like I remember mention of a sensitivity control through the menu to make neutral position on the sliders easier to dial in? Is this a feature that will be added in a firmware update? Also would be nice to be able to disable the sliders through the menu. If I was not going to be altering hue it would be nice to disable it so it is not accidentally moved during performance.


That’s the Deadband value in the slider settings adjust page. Larger value will increase the size of “zero” in the middle of the range. You can adjust s-curve response and slew on that page as well. We’ll have the ability to disable or reposition the colorspace converter in a future firmware update.