Massive Cadet build run!

I may have 1 Cadet VII Processor, 1 Cadet VII Hard Key and I think 6 Cadet X Multipliers stashed away in storage. The Processor and Hard Key are both built and tested. I would need to finish up the last bits on the Multipliers and test them but that shouldn’t take too long. I can dig them out if there is any interest.

I’m selling 1 cadet vco, 1 castle clock vco, and a BSO Triple LFO if you’re interested…

Just type LZX in, lots of daily listings there.

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Yes, I have some up on Reverb.

Need to post 4 Syntonie modules and a Malekko Power too …

Syntonie’s video input and sync gen modules just released - you may want to check these out as affordable substitutes for Cadets I, II and III.

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