LZX Gen3 Modular Releases 2021-2022

hey Chad! are there any more updates on the Gen3 status? curious to see how things are progressing since the last update in March.


No updates. We’re still on schedule to deliver DWO3, DSG3, and ESG3 before the first day of summer. TBC2 should start shipping around the same time.


awesome! that’s enough of an update for me :grin:

Is there a way to tell where we are in the queue for TBC2 pre-orders? I’d hate to be 101.

the first wave of DSG3s are sold is that correct?

Yes, but a second wave is probably not far behind the first. Gen3 is designed to be easy to keep in stock.


First day of summer:


So in approx, one month From today

Looking forward to it.

Great news! Thanks for the update.

It probably won’t be exactly 100 units (the margin could be +/- 10), so it is tough to guess where the cutoff will be until after QC. The second batch won’t be far behind the first.


Am I still able to pre-order the ESG3 or is it Sold out?
Says its sold out on the LZX site but I thought ESG3 were still in pre-order along with a few other units.

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ESG3 went into a cart fine for me. Website said -add to cart -so might give it another shot?

Cool, gave it another shot and had success with the pre-order. Thanks