Links to legacy manuals for visionary series?

Hi hi
Does anyone know where to find the manuals for any of the visionary series modules?
I haven’t be able to find any of their technical details online.
I just bought a bunch of visionary modules of a friend and was really interesting in seeing all their specs and help trouble shoot a couple of issues I’ve been getting.

Thanks a bunch!

There is some information on the AnalogueHaven product pages here, not sure if there is more written documentation for the Visionary series or not.

Some modules have overview videos on Youtube.

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I think this was covered in another thread, or on Facespace, can’t remember. This link helped me get acquainted with the 8 Stage Video Sequencer & Quantizer, tho. Covers the entire Visionary series.


Thanks for the link. Forgot to check the web archive. I added the intro from the old site to this post: