How to remove background and combine videos?

Hello :slight_smile: from South Korea

First if I select wrong category want to say apologize. honestly I can not sure what category is best for me…

I’m try to start video synth (video art) so now I earning few informations for start my work (perhaps It gonna be my main work of my graduate and thesis for my master’s course) in this moment I found Nam-June Paik and His work called “TV Fish”, “TV Garden”, and “Good Morning, Mr. Orwell” etc. Especially those 3 works catches my eyes and my passion of Video Art. The common feature of 3 works are Paik’s Composing(or synthesis) skill, for example; remove background in 1970s ~19990s. In 2023 despite we have Final Cut, Premiere Pro and After Effects, It’s hard to dare to copy. Even though it gonna very hard. But as a one people who love to challenge. I want to know how to do it. or What machine can make that scene.

In Korea almost anyone doesn’t have any interest in Video Art, neither Video Synth(Synthesizer) . I’ve been frustrated but I found this community.

I hope you answer my question!
Have a nice day and I bless future of every people in this community gonna be good
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