How to make a sphere?


How do you make a sphere using expdition lzx modules on an xy display ?


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There’s an in depth discussion of your question in the Vector Synthesis FB group:


So i feel like one PR with two staircase for frequency multiplication and phase translation will do the job.
Will try

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Staircase is a wave folder, not multiplier
You’d want either Cadet Multipliers or Visible Signals Gainbrain
Is there a multiplier function hidden in an Expedition module?

Bridge is a 4Q multiplier if you patch its fader with non-inverted signal into A and the same, but inverted signal into B.


You’re both right re: “multiplier”. :slight_smile: Staircase is a wave folder, yes, but that’s also a frequency multiplier. Cadet Multiplier and Gainbrain are voltage multipliers. (I’m fairly sure you know that, but figured I’d mention it for the sake of anyone reading who might not.)


Any luck with this challenge?

I think LZX modules are not the best bet for that. Maybe with audio ones.
The main problem is to find a way to rotate ( shift) the phase of multiple waveform.
I ve tried but never find a solution.
With two PR i ve tried to shift the sync of one of them keying one rampe ( with VC) but no good result.

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Wondering if anyone can give me a nudge in the right direction, been trying to figure this one out for a bit and haven’t had much luck.

I think where I’m getting lost is not understanding how to project the depth.
From the Facebook discussion:
“Sine to X1
Cosine to X2
Third, higher frequency sine to X1 amp mod, X2 amp mod, and X3”

I have a quadrature oscillator so I’m not having problems getting a circle, but I don’t think I’m understanding what the x3 input means in this context. Is it just amplitude modulation of what’s being sent to x and y in the scope? Is it going to the z input? All of the above? None of the above?

What I’m trying is sending two sine waves (from the quadrature osc, 90 degrees apart) into two cadet faders and then another sine wave from an audio oscillator to modulate both faders. This is getting me more of an elbow shape cylinder than anything, so clearly I’m missing something. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!