How to make a sphere?


How do you make a sphere using expdition lzx modules on an xy display ?


There’s an in depth discussion of your question in the Vector Synthesis FB group:

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So i feel like one PR with two staircase for frequency multiplication and phase translation will do the job.
Will try

Staircase is a wave folder, not multiplier
You’d want either Cadet Multipliers or Visible Signals Gainbrain
Is there a multiplier function hidden in an Expedition module?

Bridge is a 4Q multiplier if you patch its fader with non-inverted signal into A and the same, but inverted signal into B.


You’re both right re: “multiplier”. :slight_smile: Staircase is a wave folder, yes, but that’s also a frequency multiplier. Cadet Multiplier and Gainbrain are voltage multipliers. (I’m fairly sure you know that, but figured I’d mention it for the sake of anyone reading who might not.)