How can I duplicate a shape?

Hi I am hoping to get some ideas on how to duplicate a shape generated with LZX gear including the Cyclops module. I would like to create a shape such as a circle with some visual modulation, then create a duplicate of it that can be seen next to it for instance. Even better would be having more than one duplicate.
I would like to find some software solution but I am open to any ideas, thanks!! :slight_smile:

So to draw two circles…
You’re still going to be drawing one circle.
But you’re going to draw every other other circle at different X offsets, so that it appears there are two.
Find a way to to get a divided frequency of the original Sin/Cos source (the circle plotter.) If that same VCO has a square wave out or even better a DIV2 out, grab that. Otherwise use some kind of clock divider to get DIV2 from the oscillator’s square wave output.
Then add/mix that square wave to your output signal’s X vector using a mixer of some kind.

EDIT: This is presuming you’re talking about vector synthesis with the Cyclops module and a quadrature oscillator source of some kind. If we’re talking about video synthesis with output to a video encoder, the answer is a bit different.


After reading your response I am thinking simply automating the X offset in a fast fashion will allow me to repeat shapes next to each other quite quickly and this should allow for what I am intending. Thanks a lot for your answer! :slightly_smiling_face: