How important is ESD safety with my precious components?

Hi hope everyone had a good christmas, I was wondering if anyone here knows how important ESD protection is as I have just got up to soldering the LM6172IN/NOPB’s on my castle module but noticed the static warning sticker on the packaging. Is it risky to handle them without something like a grounding wrist strap and on a ESD safe mat, and if so what would you recommend to help minimise the risk. Thanks.

There’s no problem at all in taking the cautious route as you’ve suggested but I’ve handled hundreds of LM6172s without a grounding wrist strap/ESD safe mat with no issues at all.

Ok thanks! I’m not going to get any safety equipment then due to trying to keep costs down although knowing my luck it’ll bite me in the ass and i’ll have to order more LM6172s. If that does happen I am going to hold you personally accountable. Joking. Cheers!

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I have a mat under my workbench, of nylon carpet, that I scuff my feet on whilst assembling modules…

Not quite, but I definitely don’t follow any ESD safety guidelines and haven’t cooked any chips (yet) when building racks of gear.
I’m sure there’s a place for it in DIY but for these relatively robust components it doesn’t seem necessary

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