Gradients Collection

So I was experimenting with gradients today, played back with a media player into my Cadet Modular & Matrix mixer. - inspired by all the Memory Palace video’s I’ve been watching with envy.

This technique gives very interesting results.

Video input-> Matrix mixer -> RGB Encoder
Insert a CV signal into channel 2 to get movement. Use the inverted input to get subtractions.

So here is my proposal:
Let’s post gradient images here, so everybody can experiment!

The format:
The MP resolution is 720 x 480 (25,4 cm x 16,93 cm) , 72 DPI, JPEG
I’ll test this with my Media player , for fullscreen options

Here are my second tries: (better format and size like MP files)


I’m making more as we speak :slight_smile:
The shapes give excellent modulation variations for oscillators and coloring grayscales.

The Memory Palace firmware includes 3 folders of grayscale pictures / gradients.

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A great idea for getting some Memory Palace functionality on a restricted budget.