Gen3 Utility Power Issues

Yeah, but the LZX DC Distro is far better because it’s Eurorack mounted. I’m not a fan of random cables kludged into a hot rack. This is why I went with the Doepfer in the first place, it’s bulletproof.

I shared this on Discord earlier but just in case it helps to memorialize it: here are the results I got with Stairs when I tested the supplies I have on hand. (For my audio modular I like small cases, and I just replaced a couple and haven’t sold the old ones, so I have a few extra models sitting around.)

Working: Malekko Power 1.3, 4ms POD 48X, Make Noise skiff
Not working: Intellijel TPS30 MAX, Pulplogic LBZ54, Arturia Rackbrute 3U

The only one that really surprised me was the Intellijel, since other people reported that IJ supplies worked – maybe the other modules I have in that case are a factor, or maybe everyone else has the TPS80 MAX instead of the 30?

(ETA: My video case uses Malekkos and 12V barrel distribution, so I’m all set, this was just for science!)


Gen3 is indeed the “best of the best”. 12dc is an industry standard in the video world. I’m very happy that LZX has finally caught up, but please give them a chance to get this right. None of this is easy. These are not ideal times for doing any this. We were warned. Being an early adopter is risky at the best of times, and these are not the best of times.

For some personal perspective, please let me share some of my experience with Eurorack power supplies so far.

The Doepfer PSU was never an option for me. I’ve struggled with power issues since 2015. So many people just said “Doepfer” like everyone can use that. So many people offered a DIY solution as if everyone can do that. Not just in a Euro context, nevermind a videosynth context. It was even worse in the 5U world.

I eventually found a clean power solution (Malekko) for video that I could use (with a bit of help from friends and family.) My first cabinet filled up and I began working on the second cab. That took a lot longer than expected - the Malekko PSUs were no longer available to me. So a lot of time and effort was spent looking at alternatives, which all disappointed me.

Now at last I have a PSU solution for my second cabinet of video modules (Gen3 and DC Distro). I’m selling all the modules that won’t fit in the cab1 and using the money to populate cab2. So far, that’s two Gen3 modules. I hope to buy maybe one of each Gen3 modules announced so far. After that, I expect I’ll be done. Full endgame, no more money, no more modules. Cab2 will unlikely ever be completely filled, but I may get it half full. The single DC Distro I have may be enough for that.

So I have no complaints about PSU issues. Just a lot of anxiety about whether I can sell all the Gen2 modules that I can’t use anymore. (Please PM me for details if you want to help by buying some of them!)

BTW, I’ve been talking about this for years. See the power thread elsewhere on this forum. I may have even posted pics of the Malekko solution. Hint: cab1 is much heavier than cab2.

So I don’t understand how anyone else can complain. It’s not like you’re weren’t warned. I’ve been warning you all for years. There are plenty of warnings about power issues from others - for years. This includes power-up problems. People have been designing solutions to this for years. Some of them are DIY and fairly obscure, but this problem has been known for many years. I feel no sympathy for anyone who wasn’t paying attention, didn’t do any research. or simply didn’t notice any of us. I’d feel hurt, but as I said. I now have solutions for both my cabinets. I have an Endgame in sight. I have goals and a plan for achieving them. I recommend that everyone think about their goals and make realistic plans for them. You’ll save yourself a lot of grief. You can start by reading and learning from all the experience on this forum. It’s right here. No effort needed; just a little time for reading.

I offer this in the hope that it helps. None of the above is a criticism of anyone. My intention is purely constructive.

Finally: In my experience, LZX after-sales support is superb. Please be patient and you will be satisfied.


Hey, I’m not complaining. It’s more of an inconvenience than anything.

Sorry if I didn’t see your warnings, I’ve only been on this site consistently since October of last year when I started buying modules. So this does come as a surprise.

Apparently it’s a surprise to everyone; supply chain issues are a major problem. But LZX has been smart enough to design all of the modules … modular. :slight_smile: So if something goes wonky with the power board, it doesn’t turn the whole unit into a doorstop.

As far as selling your Expedition modules, no need to worry about that. There is a very healthy market for used LZX gear. It has all retained its value, in some cases actually appreciated, and there’s no shortage of hungry artists. It’s a seller’s market, to be sure.

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This is a worldwide consideration. Different markets have different availability of certain products. Malekko power was barely available in the UK, and only for a very short period of time. Vessel had very limited availability over here.
Doepfer cases (featuring PSU2 and PSU3) are widely available in the UK and Europe. They are well made cases with powerful PSU’s, not DIY. They are available with lids and can be closed patched. They have constantly remained in stock over the last decade.
I’m confident that this will all sort out but it isn’t about people not paying attention.


Nick and I worked out a fix this morning – currently the module’s +/-5V LDOs power up simultaneously after the +5.5V rail goes online. By changing the -5V to be enabled only after the +5V is good, it appears to have resolved the startup issue. The rework involves a simple trace cut + rework wire installation – not really possible to do on the user side, and needs an experienced SMT technician.

There’s a recall callout here, so you can send in your modules to get the correction:


very cool. awesome you guys are so responsive to these issues!

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Thanks Lars, much appreciated. Class act, 100%

Wow, that means without the Malekko PSUs, I would now be selling all my Gen2 modules. Yes. All of them. All my Gen1 modules too.

And I’d be really very unhappy about it.

Another “works” is MDLR’s Eurorack case powered busboard 85W.


So last week my visual cortex started turning off and overheating in my TipTop Mantis case, I isolated it into a 4ms Pod case and seems to be stable again. Seems like I have to take all my Gen3 stuff out of the tiptop power sharing even though nothing is over 80-90% use of rated power per supply, and it working fine for a few sessions before this (WEIRD). Going to try that this week with my DC distro that formerly was powering memory palaces, but not necessary for them. Time to order more jumper cables. Has anyone tried this daisy chain cable method and can recommend the right size and provider to order it from if it works well?

From @deepflayke on Discord

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Does anybody have experiences with Gen 3 and the Erica PSUs?


So long as the power supply provides sufficient current for your module array, any supply should work.


Any 2.1mm DC barrel should work, so you can use the type designed for pedalboards. Just be careful about floating unterminated DC connectors inside the case, as the sleeve of the connector will short out anything it touches.


Ended up getting these recommended by @HBCoffin

Using the 5 way and it seems to be no problem so far.