Extrasolar - an AV performance of a SF short story

So this has been my biggest AV project so far and I thought to share it with you all.
I am thankful for LZX, Phil Baljeu for all your invaluable pieces of electronics. This would not have become a reality without them!


It is an adaptation of a SF novel in which an oboard AI falls in love with the astronaut and changes the trajectory of the spacecraft so that they can stay together forever. A quite known voice actor voiced the AI - we have been long-time collaborators. I have already added English subtitles for the video.

There were two modules which were the main stars of the show:
-War of The Ants - I was generating contours, blinking screens, “screen errors” and starry-snow-like textures with it. There is no performance without it.
-Castle dFlipflops - I was animating the “computer” visuals with it - modulating the clock vco’s (2 vco’s which were modulated by the clock pulses you hear as well), I managed to animate the dots of different brightness levels
(all visuals were mostly HTML characters with basic animation - but the dots were just created with a static image - I was using Andor1 to load the images - and it is a Cadet-Castle-Expedition system I have).
-Sensory translator - different segments of audio was modulating the WOTA Density and Cutoff parameters.

I was using a basic DLP projector, which I set up against a steel plate, and I hid a magnifying lense behind it (at this time I still have nothing in the rack with which I can bend the images with, and it added a nice effect as it was collecting and scattering the light). (UPDATE: The image was upscaled to 1080p and the upscaler’s HDMI out was sent to the projector.)

I was also using an old Kramer video mixer - not much is known about it online, I was using it for wipes for the images (Andor1 > Video Mixer > Cadet III input).

As for oscillographics, I was running an FM’d slope of the Serge DUSG plus I was using a frequency counter (I sent the clocking noises in it) - I was using 2 color and 2 BW CRT’s too.