Difficult camera angles

I have a few ideas and for them to work I would need a camera on a really tall tripod.

Any ideas for getting a camera to sit 6 - 8 feet in the air, besides a tripod or a bench with a bunch of stuff stacked on it like I am currently attempting?

Many thanks! :peacock:

With a Manfrotto Superclamp and an adjustable arm (lots of choices), plus a camera platform—you can mount a camera to a ladder, shelf, or anything else you can clamp onto.


Fantastic these look great, thanks for sharing!! :sunglasses:


I use a mic boom stand with a camera adaptor. I also have a cell phone clamp on there too. It can get ~7 feet up no problem, with maybe ~4 feet overhang from the post. I can get nice overhead shots of me playing while standing up.

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