Creative Prompts for Patches

Let’s fill this thread with short creative prompts for direct video synthesis patch ideas (abstract compositions using generative sources like ramps and oscillators.) Give each prompt in your reply a name, so that user submissions to the prompts can reference them directly.

I’ll start:

Landscape. Patch the illusion of a horizon with regions for sky and land. Extra Credit: Day and night versions of the same landscape.

Boxes & Clouds. Patch a pattern in which soft gradients and hard edges are part of the same pattern. Extra Credit: A slow transition animation in which some (but not) all elements of the pattern start as soft gradients and gradually morph into harder edges.

Vibrating String. Patch a pattern composed of a single line or stroke, where intermittent animation makes the line appear to vibrate and wobble like a stringed instrument. Extra Credit: Produce the wobble animation with an audio sample as the modulation source.


Love this idea, its like video oblique strategies!

Feed the Feedback. Introduce as many points of internal feedback in your patch as you can while still maintaining control and having each feedback path do something different.

RGB? Never heard of it. Forget about RGB, don’t patch any related RGB ins to related RGB outs via a Minisnake or similar, instead send each input and output to a different module than its neighbouring I/O.

Paint it Black. Work only in greyscale.


“If you’re new to Fight Club, …” :wink:

Or the get-them-hooked strategy, “first time is free” but “then you’ve got to patch, record ‘n’ post!”

Anyhow, here’s a first attempt at “Piano String played with Chainsaw while driving a Max Max Dune Buggy!” or the “Vibrating String”.


Pulsate - patch a shape and make it pulsate - can be to an LFO or audio input.
Sweep - patch a shape and make it move across the screen.
Color - make colors but other than RGB - go for orange/brown/yellow/gold.


Nice! What is that green dot?

Here is my Vibrating String + a cameo of Feed the Feedback that appears when the audio “strength” is weaker :slight_smile:


Wood: patch a feedbackpatch that looks lile the wood structure from furniture…

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Thanks @j4s0n :+1:t3:
I only saw the green dot once is recorded the video & was watching it on my laptop. I hope my DSLR hasn’t developed a dodgy CCD chip/sensor issue. It may have been the lighting in my room but the dot moved a little while the camera was stationary on a stand :man_shrugging:t2:

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Nicely done @Esnho :clap:t2:
It’s really nice to see the string vibrate to a nice melodious voice singing in Italian :notes::grinning:

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These “landscape” ones are particularly awesome (I’m a big fan of abstract geometric art). I’d love to see or read some patch notes!

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I loved the green dot. :ghost: :alien:

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Thanks @Robbertunist , you inspired me :slight_smile:
my guess is that we both used Diver for the trick, but I don’t have ghosts in my house

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beautiful compositions @7pip !

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Landscape / Day

Landscape / Night


Cool thread! I love generative patching and can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!


My attempt at Landscape




Dang nice first post! Welcome!