Beginners practice patching

I’ve been thinking about this idea for a while

I am relatively new to video synthesis (a couple years of noodling)

I did not have a background in video art or production

I enjoy noodling and messing about with a small understanding of basic concepts but am yearning to practice something more solid

when I am learning a musical instrument I try to divide time between practicing scales and improvisation

I feel that when it comes to video synthesis I’m mostly just improvising and while there is nothing inherently wrong with that I also feel like I’m missing some building blocks

so can we maybe come up with a video cookbook for basic patches to get the mud bubbling?

put a rectangle in upper left corner
roll a ball accross the screen
make a 3d looking cube

things of this nature

maybe I’m over thinking it but it seems like coming up with some “scales” to work on would be great for video muscle memory

maybe there are already resources like this available?


Patch tutorials and beginner-to-intermediate level patches is something we really need to have an archive of! You know what would really help us out, is if you post patch requests and questions here in this group! “How do I…”, etc. How we intend for this site to work is that certain posts may turn into reference articles and end up in the “Library” area as formal documentation, some may get pinned to the top of each sub-forum, etc. So that is to say, even if the conversation starts casually, it could quickly morph into more formal reference documentation that is available to all.

We’ve got a great list to start with, and I’ll start thinking about them!

  • Corner rectangle
  • Rolling ball
  • 3D cube illusion