Color Chords schematic for diy?

Hi. Is there a schematic / pcb option for the Color Chords? Haven’t had any luck finding one to purchase outright and wondering about diy options. I really like the design.

It’s not available as a DIY option but it doesn’t look like a super complicated circuit. Looking at the PCB quickly, it’s just 6 quad op amps (ADA4851-4), 12 transistors and a bunch of resistors/caps set up in a particular order.

If you’re after a matrix mixer in general, Reverselandfill’s Matrix Mixer is a good option that’s readily available to DIY although it doesn’t do the priority based subtraction that Color Chords does.

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I’ve been looking at that Reverselandfill matrix mixer. I do really like the priority based subtraction though.

If I recall correctly, the intention was that some Color Chords functionality was going to be replicated in an upcoming Automata series instrument.

(Not that that helps you now, obviously.)


what is this “priority based subtraction” ?


the opacity controls

in the associate 3 patches video it shows how that works/looks

I haven’t messed too much with your matrix mixer yet (need to sort a good power supply for the second case the 4ms row power gives me some crackles) but I think it might be similar to how your invert input works except instead of an input over all three there are manual controls per layer


I remember Lars explaining how each layer is subtracted from each other in a particular order but I can’t seem to find that quote now. This graphic that was released awhile back might shed a little light, though:


you can see from the signal path diagram that it starts with
layer 1 (B) subtracts from layers 2 (G) ,3 ® ,4 (RGB)
layer 2 (G) subtracts from layers 3 ® ,4 (RGB)
layer 3 ® subtracts from layer 4 (RGB)
layer 4 is not subtracted from anything

so you can see that layer 1 sits on top of the mix if the opacity controls are all at 100%

it really makes shape layers pop from each other