Chromagnon Z voltage

Heyo, a little bird told me that Chromagnon will have some kinda rear panel switcheroo for vector output voltage range. What range will be supported? I have an oscilloscope that expects a 30 V input on the Z intensity channel. Wondering if I should keep it around or purge it.


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There is trim pot access on the front panel to adjust the Z output from 1 to 5X gain. You might want to try it with your scope before getting rid of it.


I’ve been staring at the Chromagnon render for 3 years now and had never noticed the trim pots until now.


Thanks Chad. I’m not seeing that trim pot on the front panel legend. So it tops out at 5V? That would be OK in conjunction with a Cadet 1:5 scaler, except that AFAIK nothing in the Eurorack or LZX universes can go above 12V at all.

I will do some tests with what I have.

I believe these are all trimpots that have been mentioned in distant discussions about features…


Thanks Rik. Those are invisible.

are you sure its 30V full scale, and not 30V maximum?

The user manual says “30v p-p minimum”. Maybe that’s a typo, and they meant “maximum”.

I know for certain that other models from the same manufacturer absolutely need a solid 5V (“TTL compatible”) in order to get full contrast.

But I’ll test it and see.

OK, the question is moot, because this scope is from the 70s and it’s too far gone. Not worth repairing, and I have three of the 5V models. So this is going to get recycled. Thanks

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