Capture for Chromagnon

Circling the purchase of a capture device here and thinking ahead to Chromagnon! Since it will presumably output 1080i, should we be thinking about upping the capture game to 4k (i.e Ultrastudio 4k Mini vs HD Mini)? Is it better to de-interlace and encode at a higher resolution right off the bat?? Will the color reproduction be better in 4k? Dynamic range improvement? Would it get us closer to the immediacy of a CRT? Or be the same? So many questions… any thoughts?


I would also like to know this. I guess we’ll know more once a Chromagnon test module is up and running. :slight_smile:

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@creatorlars offered some helpful advice on FB in response to this question @Daisuk in which he pointed out that bit-depth per color-channel has more impact on image quality for abstract synthesis than resolution— 10-bits being more common in pro devices and 12-bits now appearing in some 4k devices. He also said if you’re comfortable with a 4k workflow, it’s maybe worth looking into. I found this extremely helpful.


I’ve also come to discover that the devices I was mentioning will only capture at native resolutions— without an additional up-scaler— adding to the case that bit-depth is the relevant variable.

Interesting! I’ll try to capture with blackmagic intensity shuttle, and see how it goes. Hopefully they’ll pair well. :slight_smile: