BPMC contact info

I’m just curious if anyone here has experience with contacting bpmc. I ordered a premium cable a week ago, but can’t seem to get any response from them via email or contact page on their website. I just wanted to inquire about shipping and other details, but no communication whatsoever.
Anyway, I guess I’ll just wait and see if it shows up in the mail in a week or so.
If anyone knows how to get in touch, let me know.

Besides the contact information on their website BPMC are active on Facebook and Instagram. I was just recently in a similar position to you having preordered a Fluxus Duo. I received zero communication during the process & thought about asking for an update several times. But, I decided to just lay back and wait because Drew has a stellar track record for over a decade. One day, the module just appeared exactly how and where I’d ordered it. In hindsight I’m happy Drew makes making and delivery the priority over communicating.


Thanks for the info. It’s much appreciated. I guess I’ll just hang tight and expect that it’ll show up sooner or later.
I did order from him a couple of times in the past and I recall communication was sparse. It was probably 5 or 6 years ago. Everything did show up eventually, so I’ll just wait patiently.
Thanks again!

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Drew is the coolest dude and you will definitely get what you paid for.

With any of this, it’s best to just be patient. LZX, BPMC, T+, and Erogenous Tones are very small, 1-2+ person companies serving our niche community. Drew in particular, builds and tests each unit by hand, one by one until he’s 1000% satisfied w the result. So yea, just chill and you’ll have yr PC in due time my friend.

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Nice! Thanks everyone.