BPMC contact info

I’m just curious if anyone here has experience with contacting bpmc. I ordered a premium cable a week ago, but can’t seem to get any response from them via email or contact page on their website. I just wanted to inquire about shipping and other details, but no communication whatsoever.
Anyway, I guess I’ll just wait and see if it shows up in the mail in a week or so.
If anyone knows how to get in touch, let me know.

Besides the contact information on their website BPMC are active on Facebook and Instagram. I was just recently in a similar position to you having preordered a Fluxus Duo. I received zero communication during the process & thought about asking for an update several times. But, I decided to just lay back and wait because Drew has a stellar track record for over a decade. One day, the module just appeared exactly how and where I’d ordered it. In hindsight I’m happy Drew makes making and delivery the priority over communicating.


Thanks for the info. It’s much appreciated. I guess I’ll just hang tight and expect that it’ll show up sooner or later.
I did order from him a couple of times in the past and I recall communication was sparse. It was probably 5 or 6 years ago. Everything did show up eventually, so I’ll just wait patiently.
Thanks again!

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Drew is the coolest dude and you will definitely get what you paid for.

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With any of this, it’s best to just be patient. LZX, BPMC, T+, and Erogenous Tones are very small, 1-2+ person companies serving our niche community. Drew in particular, builds and tests each unit by hand, one by one until he’s 1000% satisfied w the result. So yea, just chill and you’ll have yr PC in due time my friend.


Nice! Thanks everyone.

Well, it’s been almost a month now since initial order… still nothing. No response to any emails.
To be honest, I find this to be TERRIBLE business practice. I have no problem waiting even for two more months… just let me know what’s up, and all would be fine… literally a one sentence email that would take him 30 seconds to write… so irritating.
I think I’ll wait another couple weeks or so and then open a PayPal dispute. I hate to do that. I loved the basic cable when I had it and really want to try the premium, but for all I know he never received the order email or didn’t notice the money going into his paypal or something… i dunno.
Disappointing. Sorry for the rant. Just frustrated.

Before opening a dispute, did you try to reach him via Facebook or IG or something? Or the contact form on his site?

Probably just overlooked the order and needs a little prodding.

I noticed he seems active on Instagram. I don’t have facebook or IG, but maybe I should just make an account just to get in touch. I noticed someone else posted on his most recent IG post that they’re waiting on an order and haven’t heard anything either.
… it just kind of irks me that he has the time to do little write ups and “show off” on Instagram, but can’t take 10 seconds to inform his customers who’ve given him hundreds of dollars in good faith, about their orders.
I don’t mean to sound like a jerk, but I literally don’t understand how it’s even possible to be this bad at customer service. It’s genuinely hideous.
Man, I’m irritated, Haha.

At least this thread will serve as a warning for anyone who is uncomfortable with zero communication or promptness when attempting to buy gear.

Also, yes, I tried his contact form on his website as well as his email address- no response from either.

Hey Finallaptwin,

I’m truly apologetic mate for the lack of communication to you and anybody else that’s been experiencing issues getting a hold of me.
I’ve been working through mail server issues and site hiccups all this month in an attempt to revamp/redo the site for all the new breed stuff. The contact form has been a known issue for a minute. Please if anybody else is having issues hit me up directly at tokenrecluse at gmail dot com.
As for you, Finallaptwin, getting to the bottom of your question as we speak.

Once again I’m sorry for the whack experience, will have this all resolved shortly.


…and on a side note, as things have ramped up over here this year general communication has taken a bit of a dip. I recognize this and I’m working to hire on some extra help this fall to keep things running smoothly. Once again, thanks everybody for hanging in there with me!


Hi Drew.
Thanks so much for the communications. My apologies for my harsh posts above. I’m going to try and edit the first post to add an explanation of the situation as I don’t want to give your company a bad name or discourage anyone from placing an order.

I should add that I’ve purchased other bpmc products years ago and all were exceptional pieces of gear.

It appears that I can’t edit my first post.
If there are any mods reading this, is it possible to add somewhere in the first post that the issues have been resolved or possibly even delete the thread all together?
I just don’t want to propagate anything negative toward BPMC now that I understand that the issues were just website related.

Again, I apologize for letting my emotions get the best of me and posting in frustration. Hopefully this thread can serve as a testament to BPMC being a trustworthy company and Drew being a stand up guy (as has already been mentioned by others above).


No worries at all, the post was deserved… …plus, you got me on the LZX board so it’s a win-win. :wink: