Bel HCC15-3-AG — advice on connections

Fellow enthusiasts, I am seeking advice from someone with more experience regarding electronic components and wiring. I have been on and off designing a case for my Bel HCC15-3-AG linear power supply.

I will be using a Hammond 1426Y case, which leaves just enough space to place some connections on the panel. I will use a Schaffner FN9262B-10-06 for input and, for now, one speakON output with a Neutrik NLT4MP. As my system grows, I foresee that I will add extra speakON outputs, powering more modules.

The transformer unit features 5 inputs that can be connected in different manners to specify which voltage is being used. I would like to design this in a way that requires no re-soldering when changing to a different voltage input. This where I need the most advice.

The input connections are solder terminals, and these are less wide than the smallest spade crimp connector. I’ve though about soldering a male spade crimp connector to these to have them be in one of the standard sizes. I do not know how well I would be able to crimp these together and if it would be a lasting connection. This would facilitate the connection between the Schaffner AC input module and the transformer.

Another advantage would be allowing me to use female spade connectors that are piggybackable. Thus, leaving the ease of access for the 100V and 120V specified in the table below. The alternative to the piggyback connectors would be a daisy-chained cable.

Regarding the dual gauge solder turret outputs (picture below). How would you advise I handle these in a multi-output connection scenario? What I mean is, how do you suggest I wire them, anticipating multiple speakON outputs. The speakON connector linked above has spade (flat tab) connections.


100V 1-3, 2-4 1-5
120V 1-3, 2-4 1-4
220V 2-3 1-5
230V 2-3 1-4
240V 2-3 1-4

Some pictures of the pieces.

Tranformer solder terminals:

The proposed crimp method:

The “dual gauge solder turret” outputs:

Schaffner AC input module:

Hopefully this entire process becomes some sort of guide for the future adventurers.

Thanks :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Did you make any progress with this?

Whilst searching the LZX for PSU recommendations this model caught my eye, and then searching google for details on the model brought me back to this thread :upside_down_face:

Since I’ll be DIYing a power solution and handling mains voltage, I am drawn to the Bel option for its sheer output… plus it’s cheaper than any Eurorack option since we don’t need 5V!

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Hey Rik, I just dropped my enclosure at my local Fab Lab for front panel drilling, hopefully sometime next week I get it back. After that I still need to drill some bottom holes to bolt the psu to the case. I’ve decided to directly solder the transformer terminals in the configuration I’ll be using them in (220V).

Regarding the connection between the “dual gauge solder turret” and the two speakON connectors that’ll be on the case. I haven’t made any decisions regarding this but I’ll be asking around once the case progresses and it is easier for me to show what I need to people.

Hopefully this gets done in the next month. I’ll compile all the info in the end.

PS: this is a heavy unit, and so is the enclosure I bought, bear that in mind.

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Great to hear - thanks for the update!
Seems timely that I asked too…

Looks like I’ll be going down a very similar path, after doing some reading yesterday.
External housing with plenty of ventilation - most likely a plywood box finished in the same way as the racks (might as well build them all together)

Filtered IEC input, and for power connectors I’m looking at “4 pin microphone connector” rated at 32v / 10A with 12awg cable to the rack

I like Neutrik connectors and see good value in the Speakons for power… I use them throughout my small sound system, but being a purist by not mixing connector types across signal types

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I perfectly understand your reasoning regarding the connector types. I even bought a 4 pin xlr for connection purposes but decided to change that afterwards. I think I’ll be fine with the speakon connections, I don’t have any audio gear, although I used to perform in some venues. Partly the reason to choose speakon was that, in case of cable failure on my end, probably someone else will have one available at the venue. I’m thinking about color coding cables and putting large labels to prevent risks.

Read through these threads if you haven’t already. People leave some advice on builds similar to what we wish to make. Some info may be outdated so bear that in mind.

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Somewhere on these threads someone suggests not using flamable materials for the enclosure (i.e. plywood), but that surely depends on the quality of the build and ventilation. One thing I did was buying self-extinguishing covers for the transistors, this also helps with their isolation as they are a live circuit in risk of shorting with the enclosure. I bought the Aavid 8903VBG.

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