All About Marble Index

Depth is an illusion in the world of analog video, and Marble Index is the master of tricks. Unlike
standard video mixers, which can fade and key between two sources, Marble Index has three
layers. With 75 analog switches and 6 wideband faders within its depths, it is our most
ambitious compositing module yet.

  • Triple Layer RGB Video Mixing. Most video mixers and broadcast consoles are
    structured around a dual channel structure. Marble Index takes a different approach:
    three layers stacked on top of each other, like pancakes!
  • A Vast World of Blending Modes. No features have been spared when it comes to the
    feature set of each compositing operation. Each RGB input channel includes two
    different inversion modes, variable color offsets, and analog effects like solarization.
  • Video Rate Voltage Control. The transitions between the three layers can be
    controlled with oscillators or images at video rate speeds, punching windows through the
    composition at varying depths.


  • Width, 16HP
  • Mounting Depth, 45mm
  • Power +12V @ 200mA
  • Power -12V @ 185mA

User Reference


Patching Tips

  • If you patch a monochrome signal into any of the Red input jacks, the signal will be cascaded automatically to the Green and Blue inputs, allowing for black and white input with a single patch cable.
  • Solarize mode works great in concert with the RGB offset knobs. Subtract from the input signal on a channel with Solarize on in order to adjust the solarization offset point.


Other Resources


All of these videos and patches are really helpful and interesting, but patch three on this one is pure amaze of epic proportions. Thank you @Johnnywoods & @Z0NK0UT!